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Speed Drills To Build Your Edge


MySpeed is a FREE web-based application for tracking athlete statistics and overall progress as an athlete trains with House of Speed. Athletes and parents can view stat comparisons to other athletes across the country using data from 15 core drills and overall HOS Rating scores. The MySpeed system has been designed using the latest web technology to provide a safe and secure way to track athletic stats. House of Speed is committed to providing a greater support and insight to your success an athlete by providing innovative training tools like MySpeed.


Individual athlete stat tracking based on skill and drill activity
Compare stats with other athletes locally and nationally
Track athlete’s progress with HOS 10-step level system
View athlete’s overall skill with HOS rating
Advanced information security
Manage athlete’s profile
Export data to Excel

Statistic tracking just like the pros
Competition beyond the athlete’s backyard
Athlete’s stats available for coaches and recruiters
Goal setting helps athletes stay focused

Training Programs for Every Sport and Skill

House of Speed provides the best available sport-specific performance training. House of Speed is continuously developing and refining the most current training techniques, enabling athletes to increase their overall speed, strength, explosiveness, agility and sport-specific ability.